A New musical Cd is available! Those who pre-ordered them, they are on the way! Nine new original songs! Digitally mixed and mastered. My first Cd in 5 years!
                                             'Let the Rough End Drag'

  'Let the Rough End Drag'
1) Jesus Lives in Me 4:30

2) Love Found Me 5:30 

3) Battle Aint Mine 4:29

4) I Don't Mind 7:18

5) Let the God Times Roll 3:13

6) Whacha Gondo 5:43

7) Poison 6:05

8) I Met the King 4:23

9) Shine on Me 6:58

Nine new songs! Digitally mastered  mixed. Pay online at www.willsegraves.com. Click on donation and use your credit or debit card.  

Or mail check or money order to Liz Shiver 5745 Lee Road 145 Salem, Al 36874

Supplies are limited. Cd sells for $17.99. Thank you. If you pre paid for your Cd, it is on the way.

Hi my name is Will and I am a child of God. I came from the dung hill and ash pile of life. By following God's plan and grace, today I have become an international minister. Click here for my story.  After you've read my story, I challenge you to put your trust in God. If you totally surrender your life to Jesus Christ and nothing happens, I will quit the ministry, go out and have a beer with you and take part in whatever sin is controlling your life.

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My music has listeners in over 200 countries and can be downloaded here for 99 cents a song. Click on any CD below for sound clips and lyrics.

  If you have a problem downloading a song please contact me at es706ga@live.com.

Sorry, all my CD's are back ordered at this time, (July 17, 2010)  and will arrive as soon as the funds come in, please check back. You can still purchase and download a song online here on the music page.

The CD, 'Coming Down the Highway Now' can only be purchased at the Christian Motorcyclists Association.

Please do not send checks to purchase mp3's. They can only be bought here online with a debit or credit card through PayPal. Thanks for buying my music. Will.